When it comes owning a restaurant, no matter how clean it is, having a health inspection can be a dreadful process.Every restaurant owner’s nightmare is failing an inspection, and having to shut down. The inspectors will look over all areas of your space, from floor to ceiling because they are looking out for the safety of the customers.
One of the major issues that can be found during a health inspection can find is mold. The humidity in a kitchen restaurant makes it a vulnerable space for mold, which will ruin food quality, and make both employees and customers sick. Here are the most commons spaces to check for mold growth in a restaurant:
Under Sinks
Behind Freezers
In the Pantry
Near Microwave
Around/Under Dish Washing Area
Storage Room
In most cases, hiring a professional team, like Crew Construction and Restoration, to come in and take care of mold removal is the ideal option. At Crew, our team inspects the area, diagnoses the problem and takes the appropriate steps to remove the mold. By handling mold issues yourself, you take the risk of disturbing the mold, and causing a major mold infestation throughout the building.
Here are a few ways to prevent mold in your establishment:
Keep Humidity levels low, between 30-50%
Look over every area, as though you were an inspector. The tiny little spaces that tend to get overlooked are the best areas for mold to make its presence. They will appear on floors, ceilings, walls and inside the duct work.
Have good ventilation. A Kitchen needs proper ventilation to reduce moisture in the air. Too much moisture will encourage mold growth.
Schedule routine inspections. Don’t wait for a health inspector to come check in on your restaurant. If they find mold, or other issues wrong, you risk having your business shut down. By staying ahead of the game, and having your restaurant inspected on a routine basis, you can take care of issues before they get out of hand.
When owning a restaurant, a lot of focus goes towards the dining area, and creating the perfect atmosphere. It is easy to overlook what’s happening behind the scenes. However, mold is airborne. It might start in the kitchen, but it won’t take long for it to make its way into the public space. When you are ready to schedule routine inspections, or if you are currently dealing with mold issues, give Crew Construction and Restoration a call.

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.