Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup in Sioux Falls, SD

Traumatic events may require the need for a professional trauma and biohazard cleaning technician.

Crew restoration technicians are properly trained and qualified to complete all biohazard situations. Handling and disposal of hazardous materials goes much further than simply cleaning the visible evidence of blood, bodily fluids, drug labs, or a crime scene. Federal and State rules regulate the handling and disposal of hazardous waste to ensure the safety of all persons. Crew restoration technicians have been trained in the proper safeguards required to protect themselves and those in the area.

In the case of crime scenes and loss of life, police will usually assist in the removal of the body but not the clean-up. Due to the emotional state a third party is often called to handle the clean-up in these situations. Crew restoration technicians recognize the emotional significance when we are called to a biohazard job. In this time of crisis Crew will follow the proper legal procedures while empathizing with the circumstances.

The existence of drug labs and the dangers they pose are an unfortunate reality in today’s society. If you are the owner of a property where drugs have been manufactured, finding someone to restore it to a habitable environment is no easy task. Trust that the Crew Restoration Team has been trained and is equipped to remove the harmful vapors, materials, and all other evidence that the lab occupied the space.

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.