Fire Restoration in Sioux Falls, SD

When you experience the devastation caused by fire, you need a professional to help you piece your home back together. It doesn’t matter the cause or size of the fire; your entire home can be effected. Crew understands that the damage reaches far beyond the material items in your home; you have lost a part of who you are. After the flames are snuffed out, Crew’s 24-hour response team will start the process of putting your home back together. If the fire exposed your home to the elements we will take steps in securing it in order to prevent further damage.

Crew will assess the structural integrity of your home. If the structure is compromised, we will explain all available options and let you decide the best course of action for you and your family.

If restoration is an option, we will work with you and your insurance company to bring your home or business back to pre-fire condition. You will have one point of contact throughout the entire process, working side by side with our experienced project managers.

Crew will take care of your property as well as any household items, fixtures, and other material possessions that can be salvaged. Anything that can be salvaged will be. Content restoration is the single most important part of any fire damage job we are called to assess. Personal mementos cannot be replaced, therefore, they deserve the utmost attention. Soot transfers easily and stains quickly. Crew will clean your home until there is no visible evidence of fire. State of the art equipment will be used to remove all smoke odors from walls, flooring and ducts.

Why Choose Us?

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.