New Home Construction in Sioux Falls, SD

New Home Construction Sioux Falls, SD

Crew’s Construction Team has years of experience to handle all projects, both big and small. Crew Construction & Restoration has been a trusted name in offering new home construction, along with remodeling and rebuild services.


New home construction, remodel and rebuild customers will work with our project managers and in-house designer to ensure the exact design is achieved. Creating a space that is both beautiful and functional.

During a remodel or rebuild situation we understand that quite often we are working in a home or office that needs to be used concurrently with the work that needs to be completed. Barrier systems are used to ensure that we do not spread dust and debris outside the contained areas of the remodel.

Plans will be drawn up and approved before any work begins. Crew will work diligently to ensure that the agreed upon pricing and schedule are maintained throughout the entire process and will work with insurance companies and mortgage providers when necessary.

Any add-ons or changes to the original plan and schedule will be discussed and approved by the customer. Crew makes a commitment to all of our property owners that we will maintain the highest level of cleanliness and quality throughout the process.

Once work is complete a final walk-through of the project is done with the customer giving a tutorial of all work completed. This ensures the greatest level of customer service has been provided throughout the entire process.

The owners are provided with all manufacturers’ warranties and manuals in addition to our one-year guarantee on all workmanship installed during the project.


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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.