When it comes to storms and the damage they cause, you can never determine what the outcome will be, until the storm is over. The importance of having a plan in place will make life easier when the time comes. Here are a few things you can do, to help get through the process after encountering a powerful storm.

Assess Your Property for Damage
First thing first, think safety. If storms have pulled down power lines, don’t put yourself at risk of getting electrocuted. If you are able, safely inspect the outside of your property. This will help you determine who to call. When it comes to working with Crew Construction and Restoration, we handle all aspects of the property damage. We are able to assess damage and determine what services are needed. Working with a professional restoration team will help you decide what steps need to happen next. As far as damage, restoration companies, like Crew, will take pictures of the damage. As a home owner, you should take photos as well for your own use. Take photos immediately after the storm if possible, so you can provide those to insurance for proof of damage.

Contact Insurance Company
Contact your insurance company to file a claim regarding storm damage to your property. When filing your claim, provide as much detail as possible. Different types of storm damage (for example, water loss, wind damage, and fallen trees) have different kinds of coverage.

Research Restoration Companies
When it comes to hiring a restoration team, do some research before hand. Make sure they have the appropriate certifications, and license before having them inspect your property. Save yourself the risk of hiring someone who is going to cut corners, leaving you high and dry with a bigger mess than what they started with.

At Crew Construction and Restoration- we do it all! If your property has been hit by storm damage, give us call. Our team will inspect your property, and work with you and your insurance. We will put together a plan and walk you through step by step. Restoring your property is what we do!

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.