As property owners, we try our best to take care of our property to prevent mishaps, and avoid costly repairs. However, sometimes, things are out of our control. When it comes to sewage backup, it’s a costly repair, but there are steps you can take to prevent a sewage backup in your home.
Cut Tree Roots- Due to naturally being drawn to water, a trees root system can cause a lot of problems for underground pipes. If you have a lot of trees in your area, call a professional to have the roots cut out of the pipes.
Install Plastic Pipes– When dealing with tree roots, clay pipes are easily penetrated and damaged by the roots. Install a PVC pipe, which is highly resistant to root intrusion due to having fewer joints.
Disposing Grease– When disposing grease from cooking, do not wash it down the drain with hot water. It will eventually cool off, and build up in your line and eventually clog your drain. Instead, pour it in a can, or container, let it harden and then throw it away.
Install a Backflow Water Prevention Valve- Once you have a valve installed, this allows sewage to go out, but prevents it from coming back in.
Have Plumbing Inspected and Corrected- If you notice odd signs with your plumbing (low water pressure, odd odors, rattling pipes, slow drainage, etc), its time to have your plumbing inspected. If there are any issues, have those corrected by a professional to ensure it is done correctly.
Don’t Flush It! Throw it! Be aware of what you put down the drain. Here are a few items to NOT flush: Flushable Wipes, Paper Towels/Tissues, Cotton Balls, Feminine Products, Hair, Dental Floss. These items do not break down, causing issues with your plumbing and the city’s main. Simply throw those items in the trash.
As a home owner, it’s important to do your part to prevent clogging and sewer backups. In some situations, it may be completely out of your control. You can financially protect yourself with additional sewer line insurance coverage. When you do experience sewage backup, avoid trying to tackle the job yourself. Sewage backup releases air-borne contaminants, which can make you extremely sick. Protect your health and your home. Call the professionals at Crew Construction and Restoration to clean up and restore your home.

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.