When selecting the perfect countertops for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you want to find the right countertop for your lifestyle. You have a variety of options, which can make the decision process a little challenging. Here are a few helpful tips to assist you in making the best decision.
Granite- Granite is a popular option for home owners, when comparing to price, beauty and functionality. Granite is a natural stone cut directly from the earth, and polished to bring out the colors of the stone. You have a variety of colors to choose from. With the various minerals in the stone, no two countertops look the same. This offers a unique look. However, as a home owner, this is something to be aware of if you are looking for perfect match. Granite is durable, as it is chip, heat and crack resistant. As far as maintenance, you will want to apply a sealer annually, to prevent staining.
Laminate- Laminate countertops are one of the more affordable options when you have a tight budget. This man made material consists of paper and plastic, which can give the look of granite or wood. Laminate requires very little maintenance, however, it is susceptible to cracks, chips, burns, stains, cuts, and can be difficult to keep a clean look.
Marble- Marble countertops are incredibly beautiful. However, marble is also very high maintenance. This is going to be the more expensive option for a home owner. Since Marble is porous, this allows oils and stains to seep into the stone. This material is also more susceptible to chipping and staining.
Quartz- Quartz is a mixture of crushed quarter and resin, which offer a variety of color options. You will find that quartz mimics the look of granite. As far as price, quartz is similar, if not, more than the cost of granite. You don’t need to seal quartz, like you do with granite, and is stain and bacteria resistant. The downfall with quartz, it is not heat resistant.
Ceramic Tile- Countertops made by small clay tiles on top of a cement board. This is an affordable option for home owners. Ceramic countertops were quite popular in the 70’s and 80’s and is still quite popular option out west. As far as cost, you are looking at about $5-$10 per square foot. Ceramic is resistant to heat and water. You do will need to have it properly glazed in order for it not to stain. The cons to ceramic tile countertops are that they are brittle and can easily crack. The grout between tiles can easily become stained and hard to clean, which is an eye sore.
Crushed Glass- Crushed glass countertops are very durable and ecofriendly. Acidic foods, like tomatoes, and beverage can damage the acrylic surface. So you will want to clean up and spills immediately. Otherwise, this material is heat, chip, scratch and stain resistant. Sealing is not necessary for this countertop. However, it is quite common for cracking around the corners. Price wise, crushed glass countertops are equivalent, if not, less than granite and marble options.
Kitchen countertops have a very important role in a home. You want the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Finding the ideal countertops for your home should not be a challenging task. If you are ready to start your remodel and want to discuss your options, give Crew Construction and Restoration a call. As a General Contractor, we handle all aspects of any project.

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