When building or remodeling a home, interior doors can play a big role in both functionality and design. There is a door for every style and budget. Here are just a few ideas to consider when building or remodeling your home.
Flush Door- Flush doors are flat surface, with a plain design. This is a popular style of door when on a budget. Flush doors are lightweight with a hollow core, and come in a variety of finishes. These doors are very good at sound insulation and can perform well as fire resistant doors.
Panel Door- Panel doors can feature multiple panels, whether you prefer 3 or 6 panel doors, or more. Most popular are the standard panel, 5 panel and 3 panel doors. Panels can run horizontally or vertically. To prevent wood from warping, panel doors are built in a frame called Stile and Rail. Panel doors can be purchased with glass inserts. Due to the design, panel doors are more appealing than the standard flush door.
Pocket Door- Pocket doors are great for saving space! The door simply slides on a track, in the space between the walls. Pocket doors come in different styles, and are great for any room in your home. The door can be metal, composite, solid wood, and can feature glass inserts.
Bypass Doors- 2 lightweight doors are connected to rollers that run along a track. Unlike pocket doors, you can visibly see the track and hardware on the bypass doors. The doors can come in a variety of finishes and styles, which will compliment your homes design. Bypass doors come in glass, wood and fiberboard.
Double Doors and French Doors- 2 functioning doors, which provide a wider opening, compared to a standard door. These doors are popular in larger homes and rooms, as they require more space for the swing. Double doors are commonly used for the main entrance doors and are made of metals, wood, glass. There are different colors, designs and sizes for every home and budget.
Glass Door- Glass doors can come in a combination of metal or wood, or be frame-less. Glass doors are commonly featured for sliding glass doors, bathroom doors and showers. Glass can come clear to show open space, or frosted for privacy.
Interior doors divide rooms, provide privacy, and compliment your homes design. There is a door for every style, every room and every budget. When building your home, or remodeling your space, consider what type of door fits best for your home. For all of your remodeling and construction needs, contact Crew Construction and Restoration.

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