Repairing A Bathtub Leak

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When it comes to bathtub leaks, they typically go unnoticed and you don’t know about the problem until it shows signs elsewhere. The lower level ceiling will most likely show signs of water spots, or the room next to the tub may show wet walls and sheetrock. After these areas have been exposed to water, you are now facing mold issues. Once you notice the issue, its important to take action as soon as possible.

Inspect and identify where the water is coming from. Water can be leaking from a number of places from the tub, as it is full of plumbing fixtures. Don’t just rely on what you are seeing from the ‘outside’. Water will travel down the side of a pipe, before it actually drips, making contact to another surface. In the end, the actual leak could be from the pipe leading to the shower head.

Leaks coming from the drain.  There are a few different causes for this. The leak could be a result of a faulty seal around the drain. This is a fix you can try tackling yourself if you feel comfortable. Remove the drain and apply new plumbers putty around the area where the drain sits. If the leak is a result of the plumbing below the drain, you will want to contact the professionals, like Crew Construction and Restoration, for assistance.

Leaks coming from the faucet. This is the most common issue with bathtub leaks. A positive note, it is also one of the easier issues to fix! Many times, people overlook the issue, and problems get worse. At the first sign of a leak, fix this issue right away! As tubs age, so does the rubber washers in the faucet assembly. Take apart your faucet. If you notice that the washers are dried out, it is time to replace them. You can find replacement washers at your local hardware store. After replacing the washers, and you still notice a leak, you will want to replace the whole faucet itself.

At the first sign of water damage, contact your team at Crew Construction and Restoration. We will walk you through the process, inspect for mold damage and provide a free analysis and estimate before restoring your home.  Call Crew Construction and Restoration today, and let’s get planning!

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