Is your roof starting to show signs of age? Are you finding granules from your shingles in your gutters? Its time to start looking into replacing your roof. As a home owner, you have a number of options to select from when it comes to picking out the perfect roof for your home. Metal roofs have become quite popular over the years. If you are considering a metal roof, here are a few pros and cons to consider before making your final decision.
Long Life Span-
The average asphalt roof can last approximately 12-20 years. When it comes to a metal roof, you are looking at 40-70 years! Due to its durability, a metal roof can handle harsh weather and strong winds. Due to the durability, this is one of the most popular reasons home owners go with a metal roof.
Energy Efficient Option-
Energy efficient metal roofing acts like a mirror, reflecting heat and energy back into the air, instead of absorbing it. During the hot summer months, a metal roof can reduce your cooling costs by roughly 20%. Certain roofs feature a special reflective coating to limit heat, and keeping your home comfortable, without having to overuse your AC.
Environmental Friendly Choice-
Metal roofs are made up of 25% recycled material, and can be recycled again and again, and never lose its strength. When installing a metal roof, you can place the metal right on top of your current shingles, due to being light weight. Metal roofs are a great option if you plan to conserve rain water, or incorporating solar panels.
Stylish Option-
You have a variety of options to select from when it comes to a metal roof- Aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, standing seam metal, zinc or tin. You can go for the traditional ribbed panel, which is most popular. Or select from a number of different design options available. Once you pick out your type of metal and design, you can now pick from an abundance of color options.
Hefty Price Tag-
Due to the durability and longevity of a metal roof, it comes with a higher price tag. The average cost would be between $5-$15 per square foot. An asphalt roof would cost between $4-$7 per square foot. Due to extensive training for installing metal roofing, and special equipment, you can expect to pay higher installation costs when comparing to asphalt installation.
Visible Damage-
Metal roofs can withstand strong storms and damaging winds. However, it can show its battle wounds. If your roof is hit by hail, you can expect to see dents. Aluminum and copper are going to be your softer metals. These will show dents compared to a more durable metal like steel. Keep that in mind when making your selection.
When installing your metal roof, you can install extra layers of insulation underneath to minimize any noise issues you may hear inside your home. Or, take advantage of the soothing sound of the rain tapping on your roof.
When your roof starts showing signs of deterioration, give Crew Construction and Restoration a call. Our team will come out, and provide you with a thorough inspection of your property. When it comes to replacing your roof, you have a variety of options to select from. We will provide you with options, and prices that best fit your budget.

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.