When having your roof replaced, it is important to make sure you have proper roof ventilation and attic insulation. If this is overlooked, you could be facing an increase in utility bills, and costly repairs down the road. As a home owner, you want to do everything you can to maintain your property to avoid any issues that may arise. Understanding the importance of proper ventilation can save you money and headaches in the long run.

When you have inadequate roof ventilation and attic insulation, here are some signs of damage you can look for:
Ice Dams- This is caused by heat escaping the attic (due to poor insulation). The snow on the roof starts to melt, and then freezes again at the end of the roof. As ice starts to build up, it begins pushing under the shingles. Once it all melts, you now will have moisture issues.
Roof Deterioration- The entire roofing system, from the decking and the supports up to the underlayment and shingles begin to deteriorate as a result of excessive moisture due to poor ventilation. Excess moisture trapped in your roof can lead to wood rot, which deteriorates the structure if the problem isn’t fixed early on.
Rust Issues- When metal and moisture meet, we are facing issues with rust. You may start to notice the nails holding the shingles start to rust, causing the shingles to come loose. Other metal structures, like your heating and plumbing are susceptible to rusting if there is excessive moisture or condensation in your attic space.
Stress on AC Unit- When you have an excessive heat in your home during the hot summer months, your ac unit is working in overdrive. Typically heat rises. However, when there is nowhere for it to go, its trapped in your living space. Not only will you see an increase in your electric bill, you can expect to replace your air condition unit sooner than anticipated, which another costly repair.
Mold Issues- During the winter time, when cold air from the attic meets rising moist warm air from the house, which could be from showering or cooking, this creates condensation. Once that starts to drip, it can turn to mold. Mold is not good for our health, as it can cause allergic reactions to happen or trigger asthma. Your structural wood components can begin to rot as a result of moisture and condensation. If you store items in your attic space, your belongings can be damaged as well.

Proper ventilation and attic insulation help outside air pass through and out of your homes attic. Ventilation in your home is very important, as it controls the moisture that lingers. It also helps get rid of odors, moisture and other pollutants. This also helps maintain the appropriate balance in air, which is very important in keeping your home safe and comfortable.

If you suspect you have ventilation issues, you can rely on our team of professionals at Crew Construction and Restoration to inspect and resolve any problems you may have. At Crew, we are your one stop shop from start to finish. Call Crew today and schedule a free analysis!

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