Appliances have a vital purpose in our homes, however, they don’t last forever. There is a good chance that at some point in your life, you will have to deal with a broken down appliance. Some appliances just quit working when you go to use them. Other appliances go out with a bang, leaving you with more problems than just a broken down piece of equipment.
Here are 5 of the most common appliance malfunctions, and what you can do to prevent them:
Washer Machine-
When a washer machine malfunctions or breaks down, it can be quite a mess, damaging flooring, walls and anything in its path. To ensure your machine works correctly, there are a few things you can do. Keep loads evenly dispersed. Don’t overload the washer. Make sure the washer is level, to prevent the machine from moving around.
Washer machines a have pretty dirty job to do. The hose can get clogged up with lint, hair, and any other random stuff you might accidentally leave in your pockets. Disconnect the hose to make sure it’s not plugged up.
The refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in our home, which can also be quite finicky. Make sure there is enough space behind the appliance to ensure there is enough air flow, preventing it from having to work harder than necessary.
A common issue with refrigerators is clogged defrost drain. When the drain becomes backed up, ice will melt and cause a leak. If you have a water and ice maker, sometimes the water line with leak around the inlet located on the back of the fridge.
Routinely clean the coils of lint, hair, dirt and other grime to keep the refrigerator working efficiently. Also do a thorough cleaning of the fridge and door frame. The rubber seam can get stuck to sticky food debris, and rip when you open the door, preventing a tight seal. When this happens, its like leaving the fridge doors open, causing the appliance to overwork and possibly break down.
The most common reason for dryer malfunctions is due to lint buildup. However, this appliance requires very little maintenance. By keeping the lint trap clean after each use, you can extend the life of your dryer, and reduce the risk of a house fire.
Dishwashers can leak for a number of reasons- Damaged hose clamps, clogged filter, door not sealing, appliance not being level, etc. To make sure your dishwasher functions correctly, rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Clean the filter to make sure there is nothing blocking water flow. Make sure the seal around the door is working correctly. Worst case, you might need to replace it. Make sure nothing is preventing the door from closing
The microwave requires little maintenance, and if it goes out, it typically doesn’t cause a lot of extra damage to your home. Rule of thumb, keep it clean. Wipe up spills. Don’t microwave any metal, and don’t let your microwave run if its empty. If your microwave goes out, compare the price of repairing vs replacing.

Home appliance malfunctions are one of the major causes of water damage. With a few routine maintenance checks, you can extend the life of your appliances and protect your property from future damage. If you experience a water loss, contact Crew Construction and Restoration. Our restoration team will work diligently on restoring your home. For all of your construction and restoration needs, Crew has you covered!

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