When a house goes up in flames, sadly, it can spread with vengeance and cause damage to other nearby homes or buildings. If you find yourself in a situation where your neighbor’s house fire caused damage to your home, the first thing you should do is call your homeowners’ insurance. Tell an agent exactly what happened, providing as much detail as possible. Depending on the terms of your policy, your homeowners’ insurance agent will tell you what to do next.
Whether you see visible damage to your property, you should have your home inspected for any damage that may be a result of the house fire. It is important to inspect the home as if it were the house that caught fire. Here are a few things we are looking for during our inspection:
Window Inspection- looking for any discoloration or warping on the windows or melted framework. This may not seem like a major issue, however, you could be looking at mold development if not taken care of.
Plumbing and Heating Inspection- during our inspection, we will check for any signs of damage to pipes and ductwork. To protect your health, our team would thoroughly clean all duct work.
Structural Inspection- With the transfer of heat by iron/steel structures, the foundation can be destabilized and need careful inspection.
Roof Inspection- Burning embers can land on your roof, causing damage to the roof structure due to the about of heat. Our team will inspect your roof, gutters, and the wood underneath has any water damage. If there is water damage, you will need a new roof, before mold develops.
Siding, Stucco and Concrete Inspection- When siding is exposed to heat, it can melt. If moisture gets under the siding, you are now susceptible for mold growth. Your siding will need to be replaced. Stucco finish is vital in protecting the concrete block masonry from external factors. Stucco may crack or spall as a result of dehydration and baking. Lastly, it is key to check the anchored foundation, as it can be severely damaged from the heat. Sampling of the concrete may need to be done.
Walls and Framing Inspection- Again, depending on the severity of the fire damage to your home, we will inspect your home for any internal structural damage if necessary. We will look for any signs of mold or destabilization.
At Crew Construction and Restoration, our team performs a thorough inspection of your home after you experience any fire, smoke or water damage. The most important thing to remember is your safety. Make sure you have an Emergency Fire Escape Plan in place. Protect you and your family, and we will handle the rest! Call Crew for all of your restoration needs!

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.