During the hot summer months, we are susceptible to wind and hail storms, causing damage to our siding, especially to our roof. After a storm, it is important to diagnose any roof damage as soon as possible to address and fix the damage before it becomes a more costly leak. Inspecting your roof promptly after a storm, and submitting the inspection to your insurance, the sooner the claim can get processed. Our team of trained professionals at Crew Construction and Restoration will provide you with a thorough inspection.
What are the most common types of roof damage?
-Granule loss at points of impact, which may be accompanied by surface depression. Loss of mineral granules as an immediate or gradual consequence of storm damage can lead to the asphalt coating being directly exposed to the elements. This may lead to accelerated aging of the shingle. Therefore, granule loss is NOT just cosmetic damage, and “sugaring” — the process of adding loose granules to damaged shingles with asphalt cement — is not a permanent solution.
-Cracks in the granule-asphalt surfacing, which may radiate outward from points of impact. Cracks may be present especially if high winds blew the shingles back.
– Exposed fiberglass mat, where hail shattered the granule-asphalt surfacing causing it to break away from the fiberglass mat.
– Fractured fiberglass mat, which may or may not be immediately visible. A fractured mat may result in tears radiating out from the points of impact. Furthermore, hidden damage to the mat may later develop into cracks and tears in time as the shingles age.
– Loosening of the self-seal strip. This damage may or may not be immediately visible and may weaken the seal integrity, creating the possibility of future shingle blow-off.
After confirming that damage has occurred and repair is needed, Crew provides a free written estimate to our customers and will work directly with insurance companies as needed. Crew will also inspect all exterior areas of your home or business to ensure that no additional damage has occurred. Most common damage paired with shingles is siding, gutters, and windows.
Crew Construction and Restoration is locally owned and uses the highest skilled roofing professionals to remove all roofing surfaces. All flashing and surfaces are assessed for damage and if additional work is needed, we bring the additional bid items to the attention of the homeowner. Once the roof is prepped and all repairs have been made, re-installation is completed by our licensed contractors. Using only the best in asphalt shingles and installed to meet the up-to-date industry codes. Need your roof inspected? Give us a call today for your free inspection.

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.