Raking snow off a roof

After record winter storms hit the region earlier this month, snow has inevitability piled up on roofs. Large amounts of snow, especially wet, heavy snow, can cause damage to your roof such as ice dams, leaking or even collapsing. What are your options for lightening the load?

A roof rake is the easiest way to remove snow from your roof. It is designed with a wide base and a telescoping handle, typically extending to 20 feet long to push or pull snow off of single-story roofs. You can purchase a roof rake at your local hardware store.

Tips for Using a Roof Rake Safely:

  • Stand on the ground while using a roof rake. 
  • Stand at a far enough away distance to avoid snow or ice hitting you.
  • Wear safety goggles, thick gloves and a hard hat.
  • DO NOT get on a ladder or on top of the roof to remove snow.
  • Contact a professional if you cannot safely remove snow from the ground.
  • Use your roof rake after every six inches of snow.
  • Start at the edges of the roof and work your way up.
  • DO NOT press down hard or scrape your roof clean to avoid damaging your roof.
  • Pro Tip: Before using a roof rake, it is important to know the condition of your roof to avoid pulling off a loose shingle or gutter. It is also good to locate any electrical wires. Ideally, this would be done before the first frost in the fall.

If heavy snow or ice dams have affected your roof, contact CREW today. Our team of experienced roofing professionals in Sioux Falls, SD will assess the damage to the structure, shingles, gutters and siding and help you get your roof repaired quickly.

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Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.