Have you seen all the reports around Sioux Falls lately about pipes bursting and water mains breaking? It can happen to anyone! Do you know what to do if it happens in your home?

Winter can be a rough time for pipes. The constant cooling and warming temperatures can freeze and thaw your pipes multiple times a day, and weaken their material. If a pipe bursts and causes flooding, it could affect not only your space but the community around you as well.

The most important thing to do if your water pipes break is to turn off the main water supply as soon as possible, as this can help limit damage. After that, call professionals like CREW to come assess the situation, fix the problem and assist in the cleanup of excess water.

We know emergencies happen – that’s why we have 24/7 service availability to help you through it. If you have any questions, or any concerns about your pipes or water main supply, contact us today!

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.