Grilling & Fire Pit Safety

As we enter the prime time of the year for spending outdoors, grilling out and sitting by the fire pit with friends, it is also important to remember safety first. There are over 3000 injuries each year related to charcoal grill fires. Keep these tips in mind, to ensure the safety of your property and others.

Fire Pits-

Do not overload the pit, and make sure the lid will close. Keep the pit a minimum of 10 ft away from your home, and other combustible surfaces. If the fire gets out of hand, you want to be able to extinguish it with the lid. Always have an extinguisher or garden hose nearby. Keep flammable materials and fluids away while in use (lighter fluid, gasoline, charcoal lighter, etc). Keep children away from the fire, unless being supervised. Do not burn leaves, cardboard, or plywood. Try to use seasoned hardwood. Do not light a fire in windy conditions, and remember to stay up-to-date with burn bans/ burn ordinances in your area.


Again, keep a fire extinguisher or hose nearby. Never leave the grill unattended. Give yourself plenty of distance from the house/building, trees, leaves, and any other flammable material. To protect yourself for getting burned, use long handled grilling tools while cooking. The fat and grease buildup below the grill can ignite when things get hot. So it is important to keep your grill clean. For propane grills, always check for leaks. If you cant stop the leak, call the fire department. Never store propane cylinders in your garage or home. During the winter months, make sure to disconnect the cylinder and leave it outside.

Grill outs and sitting around by the fire is supposed to be an enjoyable time with friends and family. However, it can turn into a tragedy in no time. At Crew Construction and Restoration, we have seen the aftermath a time or two, and are specialized in restoring your property after disaster strikes. We may not be able to control Mother Nature’s destruction. However, if we can help prevent the avoidable with some useful tips, we aim to do so! For all of your construction and restoration needs, contact your team at Crew.  Be safe and enjoy your summer!

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