Tired of ‘working with what you got’ when it comes to your closet space? No matter which closet- coat, storage, linen, or bedroom closet- if you don’t have it strategically built, it becomes an unorganized, overstuffed space in your home where you dread opening the door to. Let’s create the perfect space customized to your needs!
When it comes to building the ideal bedroom closet, we want to utilize all the space possible from floor to ceiling. Incorporating high shelves for the storage bins and items not frequently used.
Standard closets typically include 1 long clothing rod, which really limits the amount of clothing allowed to be hung, and spaced out. When customizing the perfect closet, having 2 to 3 rods is ideal!
We like to customize the closet space with rollout drawers for folded shirts, undergarments, hats, bags and other miscellaneous items. This gives you the ability to use your dresser drawers for other accessories, even the option to eliminate the need for a dresser- saving you space in other areas of your home.
Looking for a great place to store your shoes? Adding in adjustable shelving to accommodate all shoe styles will provide you an abundance of space for all of your shoe storage needs.
The key to a functional closet is the ability to have access to, and see what is in your space. When it comes to a standard 6-8 foot long closet with bi-fold doors, you lose visibility of at least 1 foot of space, if not more. Redesigning, opening up the space, incorporating different doors and the appropriate lighting to provide the best view will allow you to see your space better.
When space allows, adding in a closet island might be just the thing for your home. Similar to a kitchen island, it can hold all of your accessory items. You can use the top counter for folding or as a charging station for your devices. Last but not least, having a full length mirror built into your space is definitely a bonus! Who doesn’t want to look on point before stepping foot out the door.
The options are endless when it comes to customizing your closet space. When you are tired of ‘working with what you got’, its time to talk. At Crew Construction and Restoration, our team will review your current situation, and provide options on how we can transform your space. Give Crew a call for an estimate.

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.