A home provides us with a sense of security, shelter and privacy, where we are protected from the outdoor elements. It’s a place we keep all of our valuables locked up with a single key. However, there are moments in time where we are left in a vulnerable state, whether we experience a tornado, or a break in. Having additional safety and shelter measures in place can provide that peace of mind and protection.
When building a home, it is a great time to incorporate a safe room into your design. However, if you want to incorporate a safe room in your existing home, that is absolutely possible! You can build a safe room in a basement, or you can place it on any level. On average, we spend over 60% of our time in our bedrooms. If there were a break in, it may be more accessible to get to a secret closet safe room, than to a basement.

Here are just a few key components when creating your Safe Room:
Strong, Secure Door- An interior door is not going to keep criminals from entering a room inside of your home. Instead, we use a highly secure exterior door. Making sure the door has a tight seal will prevent someone from wedging an object between and breaking the locks.

Locks and Hardware- Again, interior locks are not going to be strong enough to stop someone from breaking in. Instead, we use front door dead bolt locks. The more locks you add to the door, the better security it provides. By incorporating longer screws, and stronger hinges and strike plate, you add more strength to the entry.

Hidden Entry- Incorporating a Murphy Door or hidden entrance is added security and visibility for your safe room.

Depending on the level of security you are looking for, we would upgrade the frame from the standard 2×4, to 2×8 or thicker. From there, we install a strong finish material, like concrete board, tile, etc.

Whether you have a valuable collection, or just want that extra protection, building a safe room or shelter might be ideal for your home. A Safe Room offers additional storage space, a secure place for valuables or firearms, protection from a break in, shelter from dangerous storms, and an increase in property value. Give Crew Construction and Restoration a call to talk about creating your Safe Room.

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