Water Damage Repair Sioux Falls, SD

A situation that happens all too often. You come home, or wake up in the middle of the night, and you realize you have water in your basement. Panic sets in, frustration takes over, you try to handle the situation yourself, and mistakes happen along the way.  Take a step back, and start working out a plan.

Take Action– a common mistake home owners make is procrastinating. You have other things going on that you need to do, and dealing with water in your basement not currently top priority. The longer water and moisture sit, the higher chances that mold and bacteria are going to spread. Once you are dealing with mold and bacteria, this makes the restoration process more difficult and costly.

Be Aware of Safety Hazards– In a state of panic, we tend to want to walk through the flooded area to assess damage and find source of water. This is a major safety hazard. There may be electric outlets and devices in your basement. If they have come in contact with water, you may get shocked. For your safety, you will want to turn off your electricity. When water is deep, and you can’t see through it, use a stick, or broom to guide your path to prevent running into objects you might not be able to see.

Don’t Underestimate the Damage- What you see is water in your basement. However, that same water is full of harmful toxins, mold, bacteria, and possibly sewage, depending where the water is coming from. It is important to realize that you are facing more than just a water issue. Water removal is only the beginning of the clean-up process.

Contact Insurance Immediately– First thing, stop the water flow if possible. Second, Contact your insurance company. Third, take photos and document the damage. You might need to be relocated until restoration services are performed, before your home is ready to be occupied again. The sooner you contact your insurance, the faster they can start the claim process.

Work with the Professionals– When it comes to home projects, we try to tackle them on our own to save money. However, when it comes to water damage, we strongly suggest working with the professionals, like Crew Construction and Restoration. Restoration teams have all of the equipment needed, top of the line products to prevent mold growth, and the expertise to prevent future damage and restore your home to pre-flood conditions.

At Crew Construction and Restoration, we will work with you and your insurance company while restoring your property. When disaster strikes, contact us for all of your restoration services. We handle all projects from start to finish.

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.