Just like a home, commercial space can easily become outdated. However, there are a few things that always stay true. If you have commercial space that you are ready to renovate, here are some helpful tips and trends to keep in mind.
Window Space
Having an abundance of window space has great benefits to the office space. Natural lighting is beneficial for mental performance, and is less stressful on the eyes. If it is not possible to incorporate lights in certain areas, you can also incorporating skylights and light shelves.
On average, 20% of a business energy bill is due to lighting. By adding more natural lighting, your business can save money in the long run, and your employees will be able to be more productive.
Color Trends
There are different paint colors that best fit certain spaces and professions. Based on the color family, check out what might be the best fit for your space.
Blue: Mind- blue helps stimulate the mind, leading to more productivity.
Red: Body- red stimulates urgency. This is great for construction or physical jobs as it increases energy levels.
Green: Balance- This is a great color for those in the financial industry.
Yellow: Emotion- This is great for the creative field. Green is also a great color to bring out happiness and lighten spirits.
Grey: Neutrality- which is why its commonly used in office/commercial space. It keeps the space looking sleek and modern. However, it can often lack confidence, and stimulate a depressing mood. Grab a variety of samples for your space before selecting your final shade. You can also incorporate the appropriate accent colors to avoid that stagnant feel.
Nooks and Open Space
When it came to team collaboration meetings, it used to take place in the old conference room, around a big round table. Nowadays, your collaboration space should be more open, and comfortable. Incorporate couches, coffee tables, and snack bars, keeping it a comfortable and professional all at the same time. Incorporate nooks for employees to escape their dedicated work space, distractions, and move to a nook are. A breakout space gives them a refresher, and new ideas start to flow. These spaces should include bright colors and be well lit, to prevent fatigue.
Office Air Quality
In the office space, you want to have the best air ventilation systems and a variety of real plants. This will help increase employee productivity, and decrease the amount of sick days. Live plants help reduce stress, bring out creativity, and boost cognitive performance. Plants also add splash of color to your space.
Private Office Spaces
If your commercial space has limited windows, and your employees need their private office space, consider incorporating glass wall partitions. This allows natural light to flow throughout the commercial space. For the offices without window space, keep the paint colors brighter, to replicate the feeling of natural light.
When it comes to creating the perfect commercial space, its important to have a good understanding of what you are aiming to achieve. At Crew Construction and Restoration, we will discuss your project, and provide you with a detailed plan on how we are going create your ideal space. For all of your Commercial or Residential construction needs, you can count on Crew. Call our team today for your free assessment.

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.