Bathroom Remodel Sioux Falls, SD

When buying an existing home, it comes with someone else’s design, which you may or may not like. That is the exciting part! You get to give it your own personal touch by decorating to your liking, paint the trim, and adding color throughout. When it comes to the bathroom, while it may be functional, it might need some updating to give your home its final touch.  Great news! A bathroom remodel is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home!

Before starting any remodeling project, get your pen and paper. Does this bathroom remodel require expansion? Will we be opening up a wall? Let’s put together the floor plan. When doing so, indicate if you want to add any electrical outlets throughout the room.

Have a list of what needs to be changed out: New vanity, mirror, lighting paint color, flooring, toilet, shower/tub, cabintes, etc. towel rods, bathroom door. Covering bathroom window, adding a bathroom window, adding a bathroom vent, etc.

Lets piece together your design. Any remodeling project, big or small, can seem a little scary and overwhelming. If you need some ideas and inspiration, search Pinterest or the internet for bathroom ideas. Create 2 different lists of what you like, and what you absolutely dislike. When looking at pictures for ideas, dissect the image. Do you like the overall design, or maybe just the fixtures and paint colors. Do you like the single sink vanity, or double sink? Do you like the shower, but prefer standard shower stall over a tiled shower? What kind of bathroom finishes do you like? Your options are endless.

Once you have your vision created and your plan ready to go, let’s get going! Check out your local hardware stores to find the product you are looking for. When working with Crew Construction and Restoration, our team will go over the plans with you, handle all orders, and the complete renovation from start to finish.

A simple bathroom makeover is a great investment for your property. When you are ready for the update, Crew is ready to make it happen! Call Crew Construction and Restoration today, and let’s get planning!

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.