When it comes to creating your space in an unfinished basement, you have more freedom to design and decorate, compared to your main areas of your home. From floors to ceilings, you have unlimited options to complete your space. Not sure what options would best fit your home? Let’s dive into some ideas top to bottom!
Ceiling Options:
Drywall- Drywall has a smooth look, and is easy to repair. It is fire resistant, and provides sound and temperature insulation. Drywall is also more affordable when it comes to installation costs.
Drop Ceilings- You have a variety of design options. The ceiling tiles improves soundproofing, and increases energy efficiency. Drop ceilings hide all the ductwork, plumbing and wiring, yet provide convenient access when you need to get to structural components or make repairs.
Painted Rafters, Pipes and All- Depending on the look you are going for, a couple cans of paint can really give your basement a final touch! You can keep it simple, and do matching walls to rafters color. You can go bold, with light walls and black beams.

Flooring: When it comes to flooring for your basement, take in consideration what you will be using the space for, the temperature of your basement, and any moisture issues in your basement.

Carpeting- If your basement space tends to stay pretty cold, carpeting is a great way to keep it warm and comfortable. Carpeting is ideal for sound quality as well. Downfall, if your basement is frequently exposed to water, carpets will need to be pulled and dried.
Concrete Flooring- This is going to be the least expensive route. You can add a little creativity by staining or painting the concrete. Warm up the space by adding large area rugs. If you ever get water in your basement, this will be the easiest to clean up. Want to get more creative? Epoxy flooring would be another great option!
Tile Flooring- Tile flooring comes in a variety of shapes colors and sizes. The tiles themselves are easy to clean.  Tile provides no heat in a basement, so radiant heat is ideal before installation.
Rubber Tile- If you plan to have a kids play room, the laundry room, or a home gym in your basement, rubber tiles/sheets would be perfect for your space! Its easy to keep clean, waterproof and durable!
Vinyl Tiles- Vinyl tiles are easy to install, and easy to replace if a tile becomes damaged. You can install this right over the concrete, or over a subfloor.
Engineered Hardwood- This is perfect if you are going for that real hardwood look. Avoid going with the cheaper options, as they are less durable. If exposed to moisture, the flooring wont buckle or warp like real hard wood.
Creating your basement space is an exciting project! Start by putting together your inspiration board with all of your ideas! When you are ready to kick start the project, Call Crew Construction and Restoration. Sit back, relax and watch as we piece it all together, from floor to ceiling!

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.