When we first move into our home, everything has its place. Our house looks nice and tidy. It’s a very cozy atmosphere. Over the years, we start accumulating more items, closets become unorganized and overflowing. Eventually, we get overwhelmed with all of the ‘stuff’ and get tired of our current home that we once loved. Sound familiar? When we ask homeowners what’s on their wish list, we often hear a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or just adding more space. When we talk about adding space, we are referring to storage space. Here are a few ideas to gain more space in your home.
Garage- We often see items stacked up on one side of the garage, allowing just enough space for a single care to fit. However, most of the items just need its designated place. When creating garage space, we start by finishing the space- insulation, drywall, etc. Then, we add tracking, shelving, hooks, cabinets, peg boarding for small tools, etc. When done, you can label bins, and shelve doors by what items are in that space. If you need more space, to add a car, we can talk about an addition to your garage.
Yard Shed- When you have an abundance of lawn equipment, bikes, toys, and patio furniture, adding a shed would be a great option! Seasonal items take up a large portion of space in a garage. By adding a shed, you no longer have to sacrifice your parking space for storage.
Kitchen- The kitchen is a common place that lacks storage. When we run out of cupboard space, we start using the counter space, which takes away our cooking space. We will look at your current kitchen situation and discuss the issues you are having. We can talk about replacing cabinets with more functional ones, or even adding a nice walk in pantry. The pantry will add an abundance of shelving space for all of your food and cookware supplies.
Coat Closet and Mudroom- the average coat closet space is approximately 3-6 feet. You have a very small space to store your coats, gloves, hats, boots, and all of the other random supplies you need. At Crew, our team will assess your current situation, and discuss the options on how to expand the space. In certain situations, when options are limited, we can discuss adding an enclosed dormer, an addition on to the entrance. When its your secondary entrance, we can create the perfect mudroom with shelving, hooks, and bench place with storage or shoe space below. This will keep the mess in one area, leaving your home clean and tidy!
Laundry/Linen Room- In some homes, the laundry room may or may not be fully finished. This leaves you without storage space. We find the same when it comes to linen rooms. The linen closet tends to consist of some linen, but mostly bathroom supplies. Let’s start by finishing your laundry space! We can create the perfect laundry room, add the appropriate cabinet and shelving to also incorporate storage for linen. Everything will have its place!
At Crew Construction and Restoration, our team will work with you 100%, assess your current situation, and discuss all of the options available. Need financing? At Crew, we offer financing up to $100,000 with affordable payment options. When it comes to all of your remodeling needs, Crew is here to help! Let us refresh the home you once loved! Call today for an assessment!

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.