During the summer, we spend time with friends and family for birthdays and holiday grill outs. With an abundance of outdoor space, you are not limited to the number of guest at your gathering. Come fall or winter, things change. Your indoor dining and entertainment area may not allow the same amount of space. The space gets tight, the rooms get stuffy, and the environment just doesn’t feel as comfortable as you wish it could be. When this happens, you probably get the feeling that you have outgrown your home, or it’s just not suited for your lifestyle. You can simply sell your home and find a new one, or you can look at remodeling options.
When you are looking at adding to your space, you might consider adding a sun room, or an actual room addition. Let’s discuss the differences. A sunroom, which can refer to a 3 season, 4 season room or even a solarium. All options consist of an abundance of natural lighting. A 3 season room is ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall. This space is typically not insulated, nor heated. So if you are looking to utilize this room year round, your best option would be to go with a 4 season room. The 4 season is heated and cooled, and is a fully functioning room anytime of the year. Then you have the solarium, which is just like a 4 season room, however it is entirely made of glass. This consists of glass walls, windows and roof.
A 3 season room can be used most of the year, except when temperatures are extremely cold. This addition is often added to an existing patio, slab or deck. This means there are less structural changes required for this addition. The 3 season is often separate from the rest of the home, and you want to keep it closed off, because it is not insulated. If you don’t have it closed off, you are compromising the temperatures inside of your home, and cost of utilities will go up. Even though the 3 season addition isn’t insulated, it is still a great space for entertaining most of the year.
With a 4 season room, since this space is insulated, heated and cooled, you are not required to keep it closed off. This space functions just like a normal extension to your home and can be used year round. Then you have the Solarium. The solarium is great for those who want that outdoor view, without bugs, wind, rain, etc. Since this space is made of glass, the room can get very warm, which makes it a great space for a greenhouse.
When looking at the costs of these options, a 3 season is going to be the most affordable option, compared to a 4 season, but comes with limitations as far as usage. A solarium provides the most natural light, however, due to its design and the materials, it will cost the most. If are looking for more, you can always go with a stick-built/ traditional room addition. When deciding what to go with, ask yourself these questions: How do I want to use the space? Do I want this to be open, or closed off from the rest of the home? What is the budget? How often do we plan to use the space?
Whichever you decide is best for you, at Crew Construction and Restoration, we will custom design and install the perfect addition to your home. No project is too big or too small. Our team of professionals will work with you, and create the ideal space you want to see for your home. In need of financing? At Crew, we offer financing with loan amounts up to $100,000, with affordable monthly payment options! Give Crew a call and let’s start planning!

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild

Restore. Revamp. Rebuild.