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Within an hour of discovering water in my home, Brett responded to my call to assess the damage. Shortly after, Brett’s team arrived and they started the water clean-up process. The process was quick, non-invasive and left my home looking great. Everyone at Crew exceeded my expectations with responsive, courteous, professional service.

Ted Ringer, Boulder, CO

The floods here in September left our basement a mess. The Crew Team, led by Brett Carter, was a long way from home, but they came right over and mitigated the damage with great professionalism and a friendly helping hand. Thank you for your hard word work and great service!

Julie & Mike S.

The first time that we called Crew it was for water damage. It was late in the evening when we discovered the water. I called and received a call back that night. They came right away in the morning, gave us an estimate, and started the cleanup process. They explained the process & reassured us that they could clean the mess up fully. They did a great job in an emergency situation. The second time we called Crew was to clean out our ducts after some remodeling and clean our carpets. Once again they did a great job & we definitely noticed a big difference in the amount of dust in the house. I would give them an A+ for sure; professional, quality work & caring.

Scott N.

Brett came in and did a great job cleaning our carpets and our furnace ducts. He showed up on time, was pleasant to talk to, and got right to work. He did a great job on a couple stains and was finished in no time. Crew does more than just fire & water repair, so I would definitely refer them to anyone for carpet & duct cleaning.

Michelle Siem

I was extremely happy with Brett and the Crew team! I have experienced a huge decrease in the amount of pet hair, dander, and overall dust and debris since the cleaning. Brett and the others were very nice and helpful as well as timely and thorough.
In addition, the price paid for the service was well marketed. The service was not overpriced and the outcome was exactly as was predicted by Brett before the job was completed.
I would very highly recommend Brett and the Crew team for anyone with pets, allergies, ect. or just a general overall cleaning to benefit the health of the household.
Thanks so much!!!

Tom H.

Recently the experts at Crew cacme and cleaned out our duct work. I was quite impressed with their work ethic and professionalism. I can tell you that this service has made a huge difference in the air quality in our home. For the last few seasons, I have noticed that during the codler months that both my whife and I found ourselves sneezing and coughing while in the house. After Crew did the job, there has been a dramatic reduction in air borne allergens, reducing the sneezing and coughing this fall/winter to zero.
I also noticed that our air filter is much cleaner which means our system is operating more efficiently, and our monthly costs have gone down.
A big thanks to the pro’s at Crew for providing a healthy fall/winter in our home!

D. Rindsig

When Sioux Falls hat a torrential rainstorm over Memorial Day weekend 2013, I happened to be out of town. I was, however, informed that my sump pump had failed and water was accumulating in my fully finished basement. Brett and his team at Crew were able to assess the damage at my house, begin demolition, and give me options for a re-build in a timely fashion. The thing that I appreciated the most was that Brett would personally address any concern that I had (whether big or small) immediately. The customer service I received from both him and Kyle was quite impressive.

Jackie Stencil

We were very impressed with the workmanship, timeliness, and courtesy of your crews. They performed a job to be proud of!

Crew, Sioux Falls

3503 S Norton Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
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