Duct Cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD

An area that is often overlooked for cleaning is the air duct system. Ducts are the path in which forced air from your heating and cooling system (HVAC) travels through your home eventually reaching the register vent. It is recommended that every home changes the furnace filter at least 2 times a year and ducts be cleaned at least every 5 to 7 years. If you have a large family or a pet in the home, consider cleaning your ducts every 3 to 5 years. Crew offers flexible duct cleaning services year-round to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules.

Benefits of cleaning your Duct system:

  • Every newly constructed home or business should have the Crew Restoration Team clean their ducts to remove any dust and debris that may have fallen in the ducts and register vents during the construction process.
  • Getting your ducts cleaned can help improve the HVAC airflow, increase efficiency and lower utility bills.
  • Allergens and odors can build up in ducts and are spread throughout your home whenever the HVAC system in operation. Cleaning your ducts can reduce the number of allergens and odors present in your home.

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