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Selecting The Perfect Shingles

When picking out shingles for your new home, or replacing existing shingles, you have a number of options to pick from. As homeowners, we understand that you don’t buy roofs often, so you want to pick out the best option for your home, and get it right the first time. Selecting the right color and style that fits your house, and compliments the neighborhood is key.  Here are some tips to consider when selecting the perfect roof option for your home.


1- Do Some Research- Get some roof samples. You can also check out tools online to see which color and style shingle would look best for your house. The shingles you would use for a Colonial home may not work as well for a Ranch style home. Looking at homes online, and driving through neighborhoods with similar homes as yours, will give you some ideas for your home.


2- Consider Curb Appeal-If you are looking at selling your home soon, or staying long term, you can play it safe by going with neutral colors. This will keep your home looking current. If you want to make your homes stand out, there are some distinct shingle options that will make your home unique.


3- Matching House Color- If you are considering changing the exterior color of your home in the near future, find a shingle color that compliments both the current color, and future color of your home.


4- Look Into any Rules- When you live in a complex that is ran by an association, typically, there will be rules in place to follow. Most associations prefer all homes to look alike, so your options will be limited. If you don’t live in a complex, this opens the door to a number of options. Drive around the neighborhood, visit with neighbors and find out what kind of shingles they have to find a shingle that you like.


Selecting the perfect shingle for your home may not be a simple task. When working with our team of professionals at Crew Construction and Restoration, we can assist in making the best decision for your home. For all of your project needs, you can rely on Crew Construction and Restoration to get the job done. Call today for a free estimate.

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