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Home Winterization

When facing a frigid winter, its important to protect your home and property, and avoid costly repairs. These helpful tips will save you time and money in the long run.
Apply weather stripping around doors and windows. This can save you approximately 20% on your heating and cooling. You will find a few different options, including rubber, sponge or foam weather stripping.
Apply a shrink seal wrap around windows to keep heat inside. This will also save you money by keeping your energy bill low. If you have larger drafts around the window, apply caulk on the window seam.
You may notice a draft behind outlets and light switches. Remove the main plate, and insert a foam cover to block the draft.
Pipe insulation is affordable and can be found at your local hardware store. Apply this around your pipes to avoid freezing. Poorly insulated pipes allow water to condense, which leaves pipes susceptible to standing water that can freeze in cold weather.
Protect Your Furnace
Reset ceiling fans. Locate and flip the switch on your ceiling fans so they go clockwise. This will push hot hair down, and will help your furnace.
Change your Air Filters. Not only is this good for your heath, but it is good for your furnace, and provide a first line of defense against larger objects, such as bits of loose insulation being pulled into the system where they could cause damage or present a fire risk. There are a variety of options to pick from. You will want to choose a good quality filter. Mark on your calendar to change your filter once every 2-3 months.
Prepare the Outdoors
Protect Your Central Air unit and vents. You can do this by applying a cover to protect the unit from weather damage. By keeping your vents free of snow and ice, you can maintain proper ventilation and insulation.
Clean the gutters. This will avoid moisture build up. By having clean gutters, you reduce the risk of icicles forming. If you don’t clean your gutters, they can get clogged up, which put a lot of weight on your gutters. The weight can cause your gutters to bend or break.  You can also apply gutter guards to reduce the buildup.
Replace Black Corrugated Pipe. The black hose can get ice buildup, which prevent the sump pump from discharging water. Therefore, the sump pump cant keep up with the water around the perimeter of your home. This will lead to water getting into your home. You will want to disconnect the black hose, and replace it with a pvc pipe that will fit over the discharge pipe. Now the water will have a gradual slope so it wont freeze.  
Drain outside faucets and turn off outside water to avoid freezing lines. You should also remove any hoses that may be connected to your home. This will prevent your water spigot from splitting (approximately, a $300 repair). For added protection, you can purchase spout covers to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.
Blow out sprinklers to avoid freeze ups and any breakage (approximately $200+ repair). You will want to do this toward the end of fall. Call a local landscaping professional to ensure the job is done correctly.
Seal cracks. When you have cracks in your driveway or sidewalks, water can get into the crack. When the water freezes and expands, the crack becomes worse. By applying a sealant, you can protect those cracks from water getting in.
These tips will help protect your home and property during the colder months. If you notice major drafts, water, moisture or mold issues inside your home or property, contact your team at Crew Construction and Restoration. We will provide you with a free assessment and will work directly with you and your insurance company.

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