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After A Flood

When you have been impacted by a flood, it can be very overwhelming. Where do you begin? Who do you call? What can you do? The list goes on. You don’t have a lot of time to prepare for an event of this nature. However, you do not want delay on taking care of the situation.

When regions are impacted by flooding, contact your local restoration company that you can trust, like Crew Construction and Restoration, to assist you. These professionals will pump and extract the water from your home. They will also measure the moisture throughout areas of your home, which will help them determine the restoration time frame, and apply anti-microbial agent to prevent mold growth.

Before hiring a restoration company, make sure they are certified for water damage. Our team of professionals are IICRC certified.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) develops and monitors educational programs and standards for inspection, cleaning, and disaster restoration industries.

Your restoration team will perform a thorough inspection of the damage to give you an estimated cost. To help save time, contact your insurance company to find out if you have flood insurance. This will help you and the restoration professionals figure out the best plan in restoring your home.

Once the restoration crew sets up equipment, it is important to leave the equipment running at all times, until notified. You may think your home is dry, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is dry. By turning off equipment before completely drying out, you are lengthening the drying time, as well as facing potential mold growth, which will cause more damage in the long run.

Your restoration team will perform moisture tests to ensure your property is dry. Drying times vary from home to home. Some situations require hours of dry time, while others require days. Based off the results from the moisture reading, your restoration team will notify you when your home is successfully dry.

If you have been impacted by flooded basements, broken pipes, toilet overflows and sewer backups, or any other water damage, a quick response from our team  can prevent mold growth and secondary damage to wood floors, cabinets, sheetrock, and insulation. Call Crew Construction and Restoration today for your restoration needs.