The health effects of black mold are very serious, and a mold problem should not be taken lightly. We will discuss some of the dangers of black mold and how it should be taken care of.
Illnesses Caused by Black Mold
When a mold contamination is present in a building or home, it can cause health issues through the toxicity that builds up in a person’s body. The dangers from black mold can occur through several forms of exposure, for example:
• Microscopic mold spores move through the buildings ventilation system, which you end up breathing in the spores. This can result in toxicity within the body.
• When the mold spores are present in the air, food may become contaminated and those spores are ingested when the food is eaten.
• When your skin comes into direct contact with the mold, it may cause a number of health effects of black mold. Avoid direct contact, because it is extremely dangerous.
The symptoms are fairly minimal in the beginning. As the mold growth spreads, the number of mold spores in the house quickly increases, causing a compounding effect on your health problems.
Some illnesses that are caused by black mold include: allergies, asthma, sinus infections, lung infections, chronic fatigue, stuffy nose, lupus, dizziness, headaches, nausea, fertility problems and cancer.
If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms for an extended period of time, and suspect it may be a result of mold exposure, contact your team at Crew Construction, and one of our certified professionals can test your home or building for mold problems.

How To Treat Mold Symptoms
First, it is necessary to visit your doctor and treat the health effects with medical techniques. Make sure that you mention you have been in contact with black mold. Second, clean up the home in order to minimize the dangers of black mold.
The cleanup process is a critical part of stopping the symptoms. By only treating the health problems while you continue to be exposed, then the health problems will only continue to get worse. Medical treatments will not be effective until you have removed the source of mold exposure.
Crew Construction and Restoration will inspect and identify all of the areas of the home that are growing mold. These areas are usually exposed to high levels of humidity or wetness, and the building materials usually need to be replaced. In order to avoid the health effects of black mold, we wear protective gear and take precautionary steps to prevent cross contamination and also minimize the exposure.
Do you suspect you have mold issues? Call Crew Construction for a Mold Removal Consultation! We will assess the situation at no cost to you. If you are fighting with similar symptoms, have your house inspected right away. Since the side effects mimic other allergy symptoms, many individuals are misdiagnosed, and continue fighting the same battle. Once you have confirmation that you have black mold issues, let the healing process truly begin. Call Crew Construction and Restoration for your mold remediation needs.

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